About Us

Our story started in 2006 when we first time heard about foreign exchange trading. Thanks to the internet, which revolutionized our daily life entirely. We were shocked by how easy to make money on the markets with proper knowledge and technology. Therefore we invested long hours, days, weeks, and months in finding the right tools, knowledge, practices, and strategies for trading. It was a long journey because there were no many useful education portals like now on the net.

As an educated newbie, once we started trading on a live account, we experienced weird broker tricks at different companies, which caused losses and headaches for us. We didn’t understand what’s going on, we made money on the demo, but we lost on live accounts due to stop-hunting, re-quotes, sudden margin changes, fake history data or due to high swap fees. We realized that a good broker is one of the essential factors if somebody wants to be successful in the markets. So, an honest and good broker required to achieve our trading success.

It took a long time to find the right brokerage because most of them make money from the client losses. Latter companies called market maker companies offered different bonuses, luxury car prizes, luxury travels to find more investors who can loose on their platforms.

We felt, once we found a top brokerage with reasonable trading costs and they don’t trade against us, then we want to stay with them. After a lot of searching, we have found Tradeview where we started to make money. Thanks for their great execution and very competitive trading conditions finally created the opportunity to make money on the markets. We love their services. That’s why we founded YourFxBroker.com in order to popularise their great services for those who want to trade successfully on the markets with a great broker.